New Music Friday (July 22)

Coming at you with this week’s issue of New Music Friday! This week’s issue is full of new artists and a great new playlist to check out! Let’s get into it

Sunni Colon

News broke early last week that Frank Ocean emerged from deep space hibernation to once again publicly promise his new album at the end of the month. Unfortunately, at this point, we’ve been promised new music by Frank so many times that the odds we’ll actually get our hands on this new project seem slim. Now, if you’re like us, and have grown tired of listening to Channel Orange, then we’ve got the perfect artist for you. Sunni Colon, a sunny SoCal native, employs a style so similar to Frank’s that it should be able to hold you over until the real deal gets here (hopefully) by the end of the month. “Water”, a self-processed demo track, sounds like it could have easily been a single or interlude from Ocean’s first or second album.


Now, just in case you needed a bit more soul in your life, our next artist has plenty to spare. After discovering her fusion jazz-electronic popular single “Cruel Charlie”, we were hooked. Estére’s vocal presence is oddly reminiscent of Erykah Badu, but her adept skill to fuse together complex live instrumentals with tastefully produced electronic samples proves she’s in a league all her own.

Playlist of the Week: Leaning & Floatin

Whether you’re up at 3 AM pondering life’s deepest questions, entertaining a few close friends at home, trying to impress a potential love interest with your musical tastes, or just need music to chill out to, this playlist is for you. A solid introduction to soultronic, this playlist will have you tapping your foot and humming along in no time!


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