Hey, you there. Great Britain may no longer be in the EU, but it’s the end of the work week, so put on your casual wear, leave the tie and/or blazer at home, and take these tracks, albums, and playlists for a spin today.

Johannesburg x Mumford & Sons

A beautiful by-product of the South Africa stop on their world tour, the British bluegrass comes through with a cross-over hit. Featuring their tour-mates Baba Maal, The Very Best, and Beatenberg, this project is a creative hit. Maal, the premiere Senegalese vocalist, sets the min-album apart with his soulfully infectious lyrics. Although a feel good departure from the norm, I think the cross-cultural exchange AND musical prowess will keep you replaying this project for a while.

Artist on the Rise: SG Lewis

On the (almost) immediate heels of his new collaboration with rising-star Gallant, SG Lewis blipped back onto my listening list. Having first discovered through his Shivers EP, which featured the astonishing vocals of JP Cooper, it’s great to see this producer/vocalist embarking into new territories. His unique blend of thumping bass-lines and soulfully modulated vocals are a great play. Check out his new track Holding Back below and be sure to explore the rest of his discography while you’re at it!

Flexicution & Wrist x Logic

For my hip-hop heads, you know I had something for y’all. With 2 new releases in the past week, Logic has been on his grind recently. Flexicution, a bravado-laced punchline-ridden track pinned onto a sickness-inducing beat, is where Logic hits his stride. I firmly believe the Maryland-native does his best when he’s confident on the track, and there’s swagger to spare over this one.

Wrist has Pusha T on the feature & production. Need I say more? I don’t think I do…

Playlist of the Week: Rainy Days

So, monsoon season is about to hit its stride here in India. If you’re like me and enjoy spending your rainy weekend afternoons in the house enjoying good coffee, a good book, and good music, this playlist is for you!

*This playlist is best enjoyed when accompanied by the soft patter of raindrops outside*


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